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Or are you just struggling with getting your name and business out there so other know who you are?

Do they know who you are?

Do you find yourself working around the clock, dedicating all of your free time to build your business, but you are not getting the return you desire?

Working hard with no results?

Is your brand current and relevant for todays market? Are you up to date with your product offers and your overall brand look?

Is your brand current?

are you looking for a new approach to your fashion brand? 

I help women with strategies to build and scale their business to be 
competitive and relevant?


What should I be selling or offering my customers? What are people buying?

I can't find an affordable graphic designer. I am just not that good at my imaging.

I don't have a large enough audience. People don't know who I am yet.

Does this Sound Familiar?

After working with women owned businesses for over five years, I noticed there are generally 4 common mistakes.
- Not changing and evolving daily
-Affordable resources for growing their business
- Portraying A Character Instead of Yourself
- Not networking in their right niche

I know you're tired and i can sense your frustration

Is it a hobby or is it a business? Have you established the difference between a business and a brand? When most people launch a business there is little to no thought about what it means to have a strategy or a plan.

I encourage the learning and implementation of various skills to increase your fashion business revenue through clear branding, better marketing and effective strategy. We advocate for minding the business that pays you. So that you can gain and increase your revenue. But, it's hard to do that when your business isn't making money or the amount that you want to make.

Is it a Hobby or is it a business?

I am with you every step of the way! No problem too big or small!

I Struggled early on in my fashion career!


Having a personal fashion brand strategist is the 
most important detail in your business ecosystem. Stop wasting 
time, money and mental real estate trying to figure out what to do, 
what steps to take or even who to hire. I will design and create a feasible strategy plan for your fashion brand to create the best solution for your business. 


Your fashion launch Accelerator 

Your Fashion Launch is an accelerator program designed to show you how to launch a profitable fashion brand from scratch and turn it into a profitable business.

The only online course with a mentor who is a Fashion Business Consultant and multi business awardee that owns their own fashion brand that has worldwide success.

This is a comprehensive blueprint that will cover ALL areas of having a fashion brand with ready to go templates and contacts to get your business up and running in no time.

You will have mentorship and ongoing support through Live Q&A, calls and an exclusive mastermind group where you can network with fellow fashion entrepreneurs.

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After working with me, you'll be able to go from concept to launch in no time.
- Plug & Play Templates
- Support via Facebook Group
- Weekly Calls / Zooms
- A complete plan & strategy to use everyday for your business

Concept to Launch Accelerator

here's what's inside

leveraging your network and also avenues to grow your network. Your network is your net worth! 


clear strategy for understanding your clients and the needs of your clients, for better return on business. 


analyze cost to understand profit margin and gain insite on the best sourcing for larger profit margins. 


Website development and audit to layout the framework of execution for an inviting and scalable fashion product or service. 


You just need my "See It, Understand It, Apply It" Framework

stop saying you're not ready

Let's lay out the plan and strategy for you. Build your business bible! This is customized just for your business! You will have a go to manual that will last in your business for many years to come. This is your complete reference for everything you need to scale your business!

MODULE 4: Let's lay out the plan

Have you calculated all the material, time spend and energy used to create your product or services? Is your price fair and accurate? Are you making the profit that you need and deserve to keep going in your business? Let's look at the numbers with a magnifying glass!

MODULE 3: Money Money Money

How are you interacting with your clients or potential clients? Are you touching them through a weekly email? Are you shooting them an encouraging text today? Or have you even messaged them on social media? What is your clients behaviors?


What is your website saying about you? Are your photos clear, professional and detailed. Is your instagram portraying the message you want to send? Are you using Pinterest, Twitter, Tik-Tok to increase your online presents? Let's get to work!



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Loren has played a major role in my business success. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring. I couldn't believe she was sharing so many resources with me! 

-Amanda B, Farmington , MI 

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- NAME 2

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A Fashion Designer on a mission to educate, motivate and coach real women just like you to dress and live the life they want and desire. Loren is an entrepreneur with a big heart for women in business and the fashion industry. Loren is an expert event producer with each of her events averaging over 1,000 people in attendance. Loren knows the ins and out of putting on a successful large event and production. Loren Has won countless numbers of business awards and has worked with companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Gucci, Macys, Victorias Secrets, and many more.

Your Fashion Brand Strategist 

I'm Loren Hicks


- Desire to have a well know fashion brand
- Want to turn your hobby to a profitable business
- Looking to scale your business to make more profit.
- Want to know the elements of the fashion industry.

This is not for your if.....

- Like being stuck and unenergized
- You want to make $0 in your business
- Don't care to leave a legacy for your family
- enjoy being in last place in life

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This is for your if.....

The resources I've gained from Loren's Beta program was phenomenal. I've attended just about all of Loren's event and I am absolutely amazed by her business and client skills. I am currently apart of her monthly program and I enjoy every bit of it! 

Claudia Moore, MI

I met Loren at a recent event and I couldn't stop talking to her. I have my own store and she shared with me so much information about merchandizing, that I had to pick her brain even more and I am so glad I did. She has an awesome perspective and I still call her to this day! 

JonCheu Lee, TX

OMG! After working with Loren in her accelerator program, I got a super clear picture of the direction of my brand and actual things that I could incorporate in my brand. Loren has a way to make all the dots line up! 

Lindsey Young, OH

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this program changes lives

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